Casa Moreira

Casa Moreira

Casa Moreira






House Renovation

Small narrow house, located in a Portuguese North Village. This nice house was inherited by the client. Belonged at least for 3 generations before. It was completely abandoned, it was an old dark space and cramped.

The intervention itself, gave back some light and from there was extremely easy to work with spaces.

We needed to open spaces and create some fluidity.
Without compromising the structure, but reinforcing it, the house was exposed to the most natural essential asset, Light.

The client only uses it for vacations, so the premise here was to create a comfortable home with basic materials, easy to maintain and always ready to welcome her.

Upstairs are the private areas, bedroom, bathroom and a very small office. The color palette is pretty much white based, or very bright, from walls to microcement on floor, to absorb better the light.