ZOtt – stool

  • ZOtt – stool
  • ZOtt – stool
  • ZOtt – stool
  • ZOtt – stool
  • ZOtt – stool


Our initial footprints with Flat pack design, took place while searching for a simple method to assemble products. We think that Design, must be simple, intuitive and so easy that a child or an elder can put it together without much effort.
As you may know although we are Architects and Designers, we think like Makers. What is a Maker? What’s that thing about Makers?
Well it’s easy, Maker is someone with the ability to make something, to put in practice something he thought in a very fast way. Someone with the strong capability to materialize things.


We developed a nice Design object, easy for anyone to understand it, assemble and customize. All of this under the Flat-Pack Design concept. The ZOtt Stool in fact it’s made of plywood with the possibility to add some color or to produce some 3D pieces to assemble. We thought in a playful way to make design, by adding the option to play with colors. We made use of CNC to produce this piece such as a 3D printer.

Category: flat-pack, Furniture Design

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